Cash and Crypto Wallet

Q: What operations for crypto and cash are available?

A: Purchase or sell crypto in one click at the best prices on the market, guaranteed. Exchange foreign currencies at great rates. Spend and send cash and crypto to family and friends; invest in and cashout digital assets.

Q: What are the rates for crypto-fiat conversion?

A: Bravecash scans 30+ crypto exchanges and finds the best price automatically. We offer an industry-leading multi-exchange algorithm that can split your among several exchanges, beating the price on any single exchange.

Q: Do you have good exchange rates for international currencies?

A: Our rates beat the banks and cash exchanges. Bravecash lets you spend like a local, globally.

Q: How are my cryptocurrency operations being protected?

A: Your assets, secrets, and transactions are protected using the award-winning Vault security architecture, which is constantly reviewed and stress-tested by the community (

Coin creation

Q: What is the value of the coin for my business or passion?

A: Using the Bravecash app, create a coin and use it as a rewards system for your customers or followers. Strengthen your community and drive engagement by running contests and giveaways, rewarding purchases, and acknowledging loyal supporters and fans with gifts and airdrops.

Q: How do I use my personal (business) coin?

A: Your coin on the Bravecash app gives you your own digital currency ecosystem. You can accept payment and give discounts to holders, create rewards systems and loyalty mechanics.You can also use the coin to run contests, giveaways, and other utility functions.

Q: Do my community members need to have Bravecash to operate my coins?

A: While it’s possible to list your coins on other services, your coin will first be operable on Bravecash for you and your community.

Q: How do I configure my loyalty program terms and conditions in Bravecash?

A: We have guides and pre-set templates to choose from, with an intuitive interface that lets you set your own rules.


Q: What can I do with rewards points?

A: Use Bravecash to manage all your rewards accounts in a single visual interface. Track your portfolio, send points to family and friends, trade with peers, redeem, and monetize selected rewards accounts.

Q: Why did you decide to make a wallet that includes rewards points?

A: Modern life is fast-paced, and we want to create a simple app to help people take advantage of all their rewards programs without having to waste time and effort.

Q: Is there a list of loyalty programs you work with?

A: Yes, there is a constantly expanding list of companies we work with.

Q: How do I trade in my loyalty points?

A: You can swap points peer-to-peer, and monetize rewards points from select programs for cash.

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